The alleged Bachelor's Love Story: Abhay Deol and Preeti Desai

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For the people, especially for the fans, he is one of the most innocent Bollywood actors have always kept themselves away from the media rumors and stories. There is no doubt about this fact but as you start getting in demand of fans and popularity then eventually rumors start following you and by no means, you get into the media trapping stories.    

In the year 2005, he made the start of the career as being the actor with the film Socha Na Tha. He has done much of his work with the debut directors so he has great working experiences. Besides acting he was also involved in painting as well as journalism.    

Abhay Deol met Preeti Desai for the first time at the time of the success bash of Dev D in February 2009. It simply came up to be the love at first sight. They were spotted together many times in so many events and parties but still, no one was confirmed about their relationship status. So many times media try the best to clarify the relationship story from Abhay Deol but he just answered the media to keep his private life away from the professional life.  

Preeti Desai was given away the crown of Miss Great Britain in 2006. She made her way to Mumbai in 2008 to try her luck in the Bollywood films. She has feature herself up in some of the modeling projects and campaigns.    

He said he wouldn't mind eloping with his love girl. He laughs, "I was just asked if I would do a full-fledged wedding but I said I would prefer a quiet ceremony." Abhay stumps us when he adds, "I don't believe in marriage. I don't think anything changes when two people sign a piece of paper. Only society expects us to get married and we follow suit."    

Abhay, your fans want to see you happy in your life, either way. We anticipate the best is still to come for you.

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