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Gowns have always been a feather in the cap in the world of dresses. If you are going to a gala, wedding or a party, there is no better option than a gorgeous gown! Get latest wedding gown, party wear ethnic gowns and designer evening gowns online now and be the heartthrob!

The Old English word for gown is “Gunna”. It is a loose outer garment worn by both men and women from the early middle ages to the 17th century in Europe. Gowns consisted of a bodice and attached skirt. Its length varied from knee- to full length and lined with fabrics and furs for warmth. The gowns worn by academics and judges today are derived from the everyday garments worn by the men in the 16th and 17th centuries. The gowns were a symbol of their status.The look of the gown has changed over time. Few years later after the World War 1, skirt and hemlines rose and waistlines lowered. However, the hemlines returned to a more conservative length by the end of 1929. 1930s marked an era of womanhood and the charm of Hollywood was exalted. Evening gowns displayed bias-cuts and were made of velvet and chiffon. A belt around the waist, slim-cut and wide shoulders allured the gowns of thirties. This fashion continued until the World War 2 broke out. The glamour of the decade lost its lustre.

During World War 2, the skirts and dresses were often made with the luxurious fabrics such as wool, silk and nylon. Towards 1950, the glamour became fashionable once again. Gowns featured stylish ruffles and lace accents. The gowns were usually knee-length. In the late 60s and early 70s, hippie fashion took over. Loose-fitting, flowing maxi and gowns became prominent. Disco music and dance influenced the evolution of the gowns. Shimmering fabrics were introduced that would make the gown look best in a nightclub. Towards, 1980s fashion evolved more. Dresses became longer; featured with straight lines and broad shoulders. Depending on the occasions, the gowns vary in their appearance and length. Some are worn on occasions such as wedding or parties while others are worn while sleeping. Check out the ball gowns online now. Today, the evening gown or evening dress comes in different silhouettes and lengths. These are worn at functions, including formal dinners, opera, formal dances and evening wedding receptions.

Wedding gowns have to share a part of their fame with the gowns for women. A wedding dress or wedding gown is clothing that is worn by the bride during the wedding ceremony. Color and style of the gown varies as per the religion and culture of the participants involved in the ceremony. In Western culture, white wedding dress is prominent, which was made popular by Queen Victoria. White is the color of bridal joy, purity and perfection. White wedding gowns are embellished with exclusive fabrics and layers of furs of velvet and silk. It is adorned with shimmering sequins.So, are you getting married? Immerse yourself and savor the irresistible charm of your wedding ceremony. Buy bridal gown and ball gowns online now. 

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