The flower girls are one of the most delightful parts of any wedding

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The flower girls are one of the most delightful parts of any wedding. You want your flower girl to know how much she means to you. Make her day by giving her a special piece of infinity name necklace as a gift.

Most flower girls will be between the ages of two and eight. You will obviously want to select a piece of jewelry that is appropriate for her age, her taste, and naturally, your wedding. An older flower girl is likely to have stronger opinions about necklace with picture than a toddler. To make sure that the little girl will love the gift of jewelry that you choose for her, it would be wise to ask her mother's advice.

For a flower girl who is seven or eight, you will have many options about types of jewelry that you can give her as a gift. A girl of that age may have pierced ears, and if she does, earrings would be something that she would really love to receive.  A young girl should not wear drop earrings, so look for dainty studs instead. An especially nice choice would be a tiny pair of pearl earrings or a tiny pair of crystal studs in your wedding colors.

Of course, many young girls will not have pierced ears. If this is the case with your flower girl, do not give her earrings to put away for the future. Children much prefer instant gratification! Instead, choose a piece of name necklace cheap that she will be able to wear right away. A piece of jewelry that your flower girl can wear during your wedding will be the best gift of all.

A necklace would be a wonderful gift for your flower girl. There are many, many pretty options. For the youngest girls, pick a petite pendant. Great ideas would include a single pearl on a silver my name necklace[necklaces for girlfriend online], or a heart shaped sterling silver locket. If you have a picture of the two of you together, that would make the locket even more special. Another nice idea would be to put a picture of the flower girl's parents in the locket.

Custom name bracelets[link] are also a very sweet jewelry gift that a bride can give to her flower girl. The tin cup style look terrific as a bracelet. You can also find lovely little sterling silver bracelets with engravable heart charms to personalize. Seed pearl bracelets are beautiful as well. Be sure that the bracelet you choose is designed for a child; otherwise it will slip off of her tiny wrist and get lost.


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