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Destination weddings are breezy these days. There are varied reasons for this. Some want a different surrounding and weather, some want a different tradition and culture, and some want to get married at a place with a certain resemblance to their love.  

No matter what the reasons be, the venues are considered to be among the loftiest of the wedding expenses. Let's see if we can do these a bit less draining for our pockets.    

Here are some ideas to try...    

  • Location: Location matters the most. You can try a beach-side wedding at Goa, which would easily consume some 0.15 million or two, but the same wedding in the same coastal context at other beaches would take lot less. So, be cautious about the location, check if you can get the same environment at another place at a lesser expense.
  • Budget: Your budget should be predetermined. According to your budget, plan the venue and also the interiors and decor.
  • Choose your wedding season and date: Choose your wedding season and date way before your wedding. That way, you'll be able to book it at a fairly reasonable price.
  • Choose a date just at the beginning of the rush-seasons: This way, you'll get your venue at a lower price as the rush wouldn't have arrived till then and you'll be able to enjoy your favorite weather condition as well.
  • The Space matters: You must have anticipated the no. of the guests invited to your wedding before booking payment for the venue. You won't like a lack of room in your wedding hall to accommodate all your prestigious guests.  Also, too big of a hall for lesser no. of guests would be of a sparse class with a few students.
  • Use your own vendors: Find a venue which permits you to use your own vendors. This way, you'll have more power of customization and also to cut the prices.
  • Rent a nearby residence for lodging: Your adorable guests from distances need to stay for some days, these considerations should be comfortable and accommodatable as well. Try if the wedding venue and the lodging are at a walking distance.
  • Get married at the courthouse: This option might not be too much of a luxury but one thing for sure is that, it'll save a lot of money for you. The amount saved can be spent on a fine destination with comfortable lodging, plus a nice reception.
  • Count the beverages: The beverages are normal at the weddings, however, they're costly and also come with a legal permission to serve at your event. If at all the alcohols are important, try to keep as lesser choices as possible.
  • Choose a venue which is naturally decorated: Choose one venue which is naturally decorated, for the decoration costs too much and nature is the purest form of love. Consider an open natural space, something like amid the plantation, or by the seas, just simply decorate it with flowers and the light and it will be more elegant than the luxury hotels.

There are several more aspects to be considered while wedding, and venue comes amongst the primers. 

Be cautious, money can't buy beauty.

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