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It's the feast of the most memorable day of your life. 

Finally, you got your soulmate, someone to share their dreams with and someone to share yours. Now is the time for the feast to the world. Time to tell the value of this day to all the attending.    

"Food is not just something to kill your hunger. 

It's art to express your emotions and feelings. 

It's a way to persuade people without a word."    

But what can be the menu? There are a lot of choices and that's what makes me confused, every time more confused.   

These suggestions will help you make a delicious choice:    

  •  The starters should be mouthwatering and equally commendable.   This sets the mood and perception that every food around here is delicious.    
  • Make sure, you offer nothing new in the food. People aren't very versatile with food.   They won't try something new until they're sure, it's delicious.  If you try something new, hype it through sources especially ladies.    
  • In everything to eat, keep mostly three or four choices, all known and delicious.   More choices mean less concentrated accent. Plus, the plate would appear too occupied.    
  • The drinks should be in abundance, and the dessert should be just one or two.  Here, for dessert and the drinks, you can try all the possible innovations.    
  • If you can, let the serving be self-service. It saves food, and people take and even something new in self-service.  However, serve the food to the children.    
  • Don't confuse the dessert with the sweets, offer them at different kiosks. And Your Dessert can be cakes served along with ice-cream scoops.    

Whatever happens to be the decided menu, serve it with decent presentation and hygiene. The senses of our body complement each other, i.e if you could entice someone by the odor and the looks, the chances to be commendable by the other senses increases.    

About the particulars in food items, there are several options available on Google. I've not covered it for the same reason, for they depend on the taste of your guests and you.    

Yet too confusing?...  Come to us, we are eager to help you in your celebration. We've got some proficient professionals, who know their work very well. 

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