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Aren't you arranging a Wedding Selfie Booth in your wedding !?

Today we are talking Wedding Selfie Stations! We’ve all been to a wedding with a Photo Booth, it’s a great way to capture amazing photos of your guests once the photographers have went home! Plus, it’s super fun for your guests! While Photo Booths are a great option for your wedding day, you may not want to spend a bunch of money on something so non-essential. Enter the perfect replacement… The Selfie Station!

A Selfie Station is exactly what it sounds like… an area for your guests to take selfies! To amp it up, add a cute backdrop personalized with your names and wedding date! We suggest setting up a cute “Selfie Station” sign with some simple instructions for your guests. Don’t forget to include your wedding hashtag so your guests can share their selfies on social media! PS If you don’t have a wedding hashtag, it is a MUST!

Selfie Stuff

Another simple idea, is to use the Selfie Station in lieu of a guest book. You can have a friend or family member be in charge of the station, and capture photos as your guests enter the reception. Be sure to share these photos with your guests on social media, or you can print off a copy of the photo and send it along with a thank-you note to your guest! Another great idea is to have your helper capture videos of your guests, instead of photos. Your helper can encourage your guests to give marriage advice, wedding wishes or tell a funny story in a short video. Isn’t that an incredibly special moment?!

That concludes our post on The Selfie Station! Can you count how many times the word “selfie” was used in this post? All of this “selfie” talk is making me want to take a selfie! Kidding!

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