You've Been Blessed for Some Reason: Help Others Celebrate Their Happiness

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Weddings hold the traditional and emotional values that no another event would take. Of course, every event has its own importance, so they can't be compared. But on the emotional and sentimental level, we can perhaps. It is very obvious from every bit of accent we put in to make the relevant decisions.    

First of all, finding the person is the biggest pursuit, then the preparations, from shopping to the decor of the venue, the color theme, and the flowers, everything needs to be perfect.     

Do we know, for how many people everything is just a dream?  Like, then what? We can't arrange all these for them. We ain't that filthy rich.   

But, most of the things which are used in the weddings are never ever used after the wedding itself. From the gown (lehenga) to the specially designated utensils. Everything just finds a place somewhere in the corner of the closets, sometimes, even worse.     

Won't it be of much worth if it could find some happiness to not so blessed people? Donate it to the needy.

Heard, how absurd, how can we just give such an important piece of memory to someone? Well, why not? It would be so blessing to the people on the receiving ends.   

They'll just pray for the good of who donated it to them, plus it would bring some serious smiles on very modest faces.     

Helping people who can't help you back is the real way of showing character. Try it, it feels divine.

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