You Met For A Reason

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"Twinkling all night, howsoever far,  

  I speak of the tale of a little star,  

  Astonished I'm, who put a pearl so high,  

  Winks all night long, from the holy sky,.."    

Are you afraid, for, you don't know if you've got the right one?  

You know your heart beats faster when you're together, but marrying is one decision of a lifetime, isn't it?  

Perhaps, you're not very sure if you're being loved with the same intensity with what you love.     Come on, we do check thrice before picking up a lemon.  

Then yeah, it's very obvious to have these sort of questions when you're about to make one of the most important decisions of your life.    

Let me tell a story, it might answer your questions,   

 "There was a boy, always very confused about his choices to make. One day he discussed this with his teacher.  His teacher told him to get the most beautiful rose from the garden of a temple nearby to his school.  

The boy went through the rows of the plantation to choose the most pretty amongst. Finally, he found one very pretty rose but being skeptic if this was what he wanted, he moved through to look for one even prettier. Well, he didn't find any and returned to the one he loved in the first place.   

Guess what, the rose was gone with someone else admiring its beauty. He returned to his master, emptyhanded, telling him everything. "    

Just like this, love isn't about finding a better one, but one you're compatible with. 

"Wedding isn't about getting a high heel expensive party shoe, but a soft padded comfortable slipper."

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