Your Hair Tells a Story- Make it a Good One

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It is an important story about your overall health and nutrition. Healthy, shiny hair is one indication of vibrant physical health while thinning, brittle, dull and lifeless hair tells an entirely different story.    

Although you may feel great physically, the fact is that even suboptimal levels of specific nutritional factors make a noticeable difference to the health and appearance of your hair and scalp. Recent studies have revealed that many North Americans are chronically deficient in several of the major nutrients that promote healthy hair.    

In addition to general nutritional status, stress, illness, and hormone-related metabolic factors impact significantly on hair health. Aging, environmental sensitivities, medications (especially birth control pills) and recreational drug and alcohol use also influence the healthy look and feel of hair.    

What’s not in this hypo-allergenic formulation is important, too. Prairie Naturals Hair Force does not contain artificial preservatives, colors, flavors, hydrogenated fats or oils, trans fats, starch, sweeteners, dairy, wheat, yeast or corn.


Vitamin D3 – stimulates hair growth...  

In the last few years, scientists have found that vitamin D3 “dramatically” stimulates hair growth! This “vitamin” is actually a hormone. A study concluded that taking vitamin D3 prior to radiation exposure may protect hair follicles from radiation toxicity and ensuring hair loss.     

Vitamin B complex...  

Dr. Bruce Ames – the world’s leading researcher in the field of anti-aging, free radicals, and antioxidants – calls the B vitamins, particularly B6, B12 and the folic acid key to “metabolic harmony and disease prevention.” He refers to their role in optimizing health as a “metabolic tune-up.”    

Vitamin B1 helps metabolize protein which gives hair natural luster, volume and good texture.   

Vitamin B2 requirements are greatest under stress and stringent dieting. Thinning hair in women can be directly related to low levels of B2.    

Vitamin B3 enhances circulation to the scalp and all parts of the body. Good circulation is essential to hair and scalp health.    

Vitamin B6 is considered the best nutritional friend of any stressed out, hormonally challenged woman. Researchers in Poland found that this powerful stress buster reduced hair loss in women and generally improved the condition of their hair.    

Vitamin B12 insufficiency is a common cause of prematurely grey hair. Fortunately restoring adequate B12 levels can reverse the graying trend and help return hair to its original color.    

Biotin is essential for healthy metabolism and growth, proper fatty acid synthesis and enzyme production. Research has also pointed to biotin playing a key role in maintaining healthy hair, minimizing hair loss and for the prevention of premature graying. Commonly used internally and topically, biotin is a popular nutritional remedy for both hair and skin health.    

There are several other very important nutrients, deciding how your hair is and will be.     

It is said, "the best time was years back, the next best time is now!"    

Start taking care of your hair and the scalp to get the very radiant and glamorous look for every festive celebration.  

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