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When you get engaged, you want it to be a unique and memorable experience. The ring you give your wife-to-be on the day you get down in front of her on one knee will symbolize your promise to love, care for and cherish her for the rest of your lives. This moment could be made all the more special and sincere if you surprise her with an engagement monogram ring[infinity necklace online] of your own design or with one that the two of you design together.

When you're designing your fiancé's engagement ring, it is important to remember that she has to wear it for the rest of her life, not you, so make sure you make your choices based on her tastes, not your own. Take your time and be sure to find the right style for your soon-to-be bride. Does she prefer classic or traditional? Does she dress in conservative colors, print and cuts, or does she project a more flamboyant image? Look at her jewelry and start taking small mental notes regarding their attributes and apply those to your ideas about designing her engagement promise ring cheap. Ask her friends and family what they think she will like. If it comes time to design the ring and you still haven't figured it out, go with something simple and elegant, like a solitaire.

When your design your own engagement ring, consider the type of metal to be used for the ring. Most engagement initial rings are made in either gold or platinum, although alternative metals such as white gold, rose gold and titanium are becoming increasing popular. Be aware that if you choose titanium to design an engagement best friend ring you will not be able to form very intricate patterns. Platinum is more malleable but also less durable and significantly more expensive than titanium.

Next, select the right precious stone or stones for your engagement cheap promise ring[this]. Make sure that you choose something that compliments the setting. Go with a diamond unless you are sure that your fiancé would appreciate something more unique, or choose another stone, such as an emerald, sapphire or pearls, to go on either side of the diamond. There are many cuts to choose from, some of the most popular being round, princess, emerald, marquise, pear oval, radiant, heart and Asscher. Then figure out what kind of size and quality you can afford, and buy the best diamond in your price range. You may once again have to think about what your future bride will prefer - quality or quantity?


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